30 Interesting Dissertation Topics in Healthcare for Your Research

Medical courses bear a lot of studying burgage. Dissertations are one of those studying burgages that use up a lot of your time as a medical student, from deciding on the topic to work on to researching, writing, and editing the papers before submission. It might seem like a lot of work, but the remaining bit becomes much easier to work on with the right topic. But what are the best dissertation topics to work on in healthcare? Well, in this article, we shall go through 30 healthcare dissertation topics that are pretty interesting to work on. Let get right into it.

Dissertation topics in healthcare management

Interesting topics in healthcare

  1. Significance of the measures implemented by organizations and companies as a response to the covid-19 outbreak

Under this topic, you can go through the strategies that organizations and companies require to implement to curb the spread of covid-19.

You can also dig into the policies implemented by the countries’ governments to curb the spread of covid-19 in organizations.

  1. The recent response and research of different countries for the covid-19 treatment

Here you can try to answer the following questions through research:

  • Which preventive measures are being implemented by countries to fight the covid-19 virus efficiently?
  • Which countries are handling the covid-19 situation in the most effective and appropriate manner?
  1. Major causes of the coronavirus, its origin, and death rates as per various countries plus their pandemic response.

Here are some questions that you can try to answer on this topic:

  • Where did the coronavirus originate from?
  • How have different states and countries dealt with the covid-19 situation?
  • What are the major prevalence causes of covid-19?
  1. Assessment and evaluation of the covid-19 outbreak, reasons why it spread worldwide, and the current trends among various countries towards the coronavirus outbreak.

In this topic, you can look at them:

  • Main reasons as to why the coronavirus has spread worldwide
  • Preventable actions that governments are putting in place to handle the covid-19 situation
  1. Postpartum depression prevalence among American women and the effective modes of treatments being implemented.

Treatment methodologies implemented for postpartum depression and prevalence rate for the condition are some points you can try to research under this topic.

  1. Concerns for the health management of bedridden patients and the analysis of rehab centers in Saudi Arabia.

Here you can cover:

  • Why bedridden patients are increasing in number
  • Why rehab sectors are becoming a severe healthcare management issue

Healthcare dissertation topics on a patient’s experience

  1. Ethics and governance regarding the usage of patient health care portals by minors’ guardians
  2. If the publicly available hospital fee schedules improve the satisfaction of patients in the lower incomes families
  3. Health literacy role in the oncologic outcomes among Men, African-American, having prostate cancer.

Dissertation topics in healthcare management

Staff and development healthcare dissertation topics

  1. Best follow up procedure practices in the rise of med-errors
  2. How medical malpractices insurance is affected by state law
  3. Cultivation of a positive working environment with no discrimination policies
  4. How tuition reimbursements policies affect staff retention/ turnover rates

Acute care healthcare dissertation topics

  1. Implementation of tech platforms to improve the flow of patients
  2. Challenges in recognition of infection’s diseases that are rare
  3. Best pediatric-exclusive ERs practices

Dissertation topics in healthcare leadership on the patient’s security

  1. How team healthcare management teams work to protect patients
  2. How to efficiently manage patients bearing criminal backgrounds that come into your hospital
  3. Importance of managing and maintaining the secret health records of all of your patients
  4. How hospitals can ensure that no criminals get admitted
  5. Challenges that are faced by healthcare management teams on trying to manage patient’s privacy

Dissertation topics in healthcare administration

Healthcare dissertation topics on financial issues

  1. How to maintain politeness and always collect charges from stubborn and rude patients
  2. How to efficiently deal with financial crises in hospitals by proper management of drug supplies
  3. How to efficiently utilize profit money to develop the hospital
  4. Is not asking for payments from poor patients to try and improve the reputation of the hospital good for the hospital, financially

Healthcare dissertation topics on the management of staff

Healthcare dissertation topics on staff management are as follow:

  1. Should every staff member show up to work on weekends so as to run a hospital efficiently
  2. In case the hospital has poor staff, what are the challenges that a management team is likely to face
  3. Things that you should always remember to maintain an excellent leader-staff relationship
  4. How to boost the motivation of staff workers in a hospital to ensure maximum output
  5. How to efficiently solve the low-staff issues in a hospital and ensure that all patients are served equally

To gain the main understanding of how to implement this topics, you can always search for an example of a dissertation in healthcare online.


The medical field is pretty vast; hence finding the perfect topic for your dissertation can be pretty challenging. However, we have shortlisted 30 of the best dissertation topics for you. We hope that this article has helped you out.