Basic Guideline to Writing a Healthcare Administration Dissertation

The healthcare sector is a pretty crucial sector, broad and complex. Through this sector, people are healed of their ailments and stay healthy, and health equals growth. If you love helping people, pursuing a career in this sector could not be a bad idea. However, most careers that are healthcare-based require you to have a doctoral degree or attain a healthcare administration phd. To attain a doctoral degree, you will be required to write a dissertation, and that is where this article comes in. We shall go through how to write a healthcare administration dissertation and answer questions such as, what format should you use while writing a healthcare administration dissertation paper? What research topics in healthcare administration can you cover in a healthcare administration dissertation paper? To get the answers to these questions and more, follow along and let us unravel this mystery.

To start us off, let us look at some great topics that you can implement in your dissertation:

Healthcare administration dissertation topics

Choosing the perfect dissertation topic for your paper should always be your first step. It gives you direction and something to focus on. Here are some healthcare admin dissertation topic examples that you can implement:

Healthcare administration dissertation on patient experiences

  1. Ethics and governance regarding the usage of minors patient portals by their guardians
  2. Whether the hospital fee schedules available publicly improve the satisfaction of lower-income families
  3. The role played by health literacy in the oncological outcomes that are among African-American men who have prostate cancer.

Doctorate in healthcare administration dissertation topics

At a higher level of education, things become a little bit tricky and more complex. Ph.D. dissertation papers require you to write original content. Hence the topic needs to be well thought out. Here are some healthcare administration Ph.D. dissertation topic examples:

  1. ER wait time effects on the patient’s volume
  2. The implementation of tech platforms to try and improve patient flow

Healthcare administration research topics on development and staff management

Healthcare admins do not solely focus on patients alone. They must also focus on staff. Hence here are some exciting topics that fall under this category:

  1. State law and the effects it has on medical malpractices
  2. The cultivation of a positive working environment in a hospital

Quality of a patients’ care dissertation topics in healthcare administration

Quality service is directly proportional to a hospital’s success. Hence this makes the quality of patients care pretty crucial in a hospital setting. Here are some dissertation topics that might interest you:

  1. Infectious prevention
  2. Robot-assisted surgery in-depth

Now that we have that out of the way, time to dive into how to write a dissertation.

Developing a research question

Research questions act as an anchor, anchoring you to the questions that you should be answering. Follow these simple steps to develop a research question:

  1. Select a dissertation topic that’s broad
  2. Undertake preliminary research to identify specific issues and subtopics
  3. Narrow the topic down till you attain a particular issue that interests you
  4. Look for gaps in the research that already exists based upon the issue you narrowed down to, then look for means to fill in these gaps via practical and theoretical research.
  5. Formulate one or a couple of research questions

Writing your research proposal

A research proposal entails the following information:

  1. An introduction – contains background info for your work
  2. Problem statement – bring out the knowledge gap in this section
  3. Rationale/purpose – explain your study’s objectives
  4. Literature review – provides a critical look into the already existing research then identifies the potential knowledge gaps.
  5. Methodology – explains why you used the set methodology to gather information for your research.
  6. Implication – state your study significance by bringing out anticipation on how your research might add to the existing information.
  7. Plan of work – generate a schedule that includes all the important dates, completion dates, review dates, etc.
  8. Bibliography – includes the critical texts in your paper that inform your reader of the methodology you implemented plus the study itself.

PhD programs for healthcare administration

If you are looking to advance and take your studies to another level. Then there are multiple programs that you can join to gain your Ph.D. Here are a few of them that exist to date:

  1. Southern New Hampshire University program
  2. Walden University program
  3. Grand Canyon University program


Writing a dissertation is not an easy feat. However, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress with the proper guidance. We hope that this article has acted as a perfect guide for you in terms of preparing you for the inevitable future in the healthcare industry.

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