25 Good Dissertation Research Topics in Healthcare Management

Healthcare students are almost always surrounded by books due to loads of studies. Over all the assignments and exams comes a dissertation paper for Ph.D. students. A paper that takes up to two years to write to completion. A dissertation uses up a lot of time to research, organize original facts and develop a paper that’s up to 20,000 words long. With the wrong topic, this process can be pretty tedious. However, once you jumpstart your research with the appropriate topic, then the remaining bit becomes less of a struggle. But what are the best dissertation research topics in Healthcare management PhD? Well, through this article, we shall try to answer this question by providing a list of 25 research topics in health management PhD dissertation.

Outstanding dissertation research topics in healthcare management

Health management Ph.D. dissertation topics on patient security

The security of a patient is pretty essential in a hospital setting. Hence a research paper that is based upon that perspective can earn you great points. Here are some fantastic patient’s security dissertation topics for Ph.D. students:

  1. What role does a healthcare management team play in the maintenance of a secure environment for patients
  2. How a healthcare manager can efficiently manage patients bearing criminal backgrounds
  3. The importance of ensuring that patients’ secret records are kept secret by managing their data appropriately and not providing their information to anyone.
  4. The challenges faced by health care management teams in the management and maintenance of patients security
  5. How the management team can ensure criminal-free hospital occupancy

Healthcare management PhD dissertation topics on financial management

Finances play a significant role in advancing medicine, developing hospitals, employing sufficient staff in the hospital, and so much more. It is almost directly proportional to the efficiency of a hospital. Here are some financial management topics that might interest you.

  1. Ways at which financial managers can remain calm and composed when collecting charges from patients who are stubborn and rude.
  2. How to efficiently handle a hospital financial crisis by proper drug supply management
  3. How the hospital can efficiently utilize profit funds to develop the hospital and increase its efficiency
  4. The role played by financial management software programs in the management of a hospital plus the knowledge that it bears.
  5. Repercussions of not charging low-income families to try and improve the hospital’s market reputation.

PhD healthcare management dissertation topics on staff management

Running a hospital with no staff is almost impossible, if not entirely. They hence also play a significant role in the operation of a healthcare facility. Here are some staff management healthcare management topics dissertation:

  1. Ways at which the hospital management can solve a low-staff situation to ensure that patients get equal service.
  2. Should all hospital members of staff be asked to show up to work on weekends for the hospital to operate smoothly?
  3. Why it is crucial to preserve staff members rights in a healthcare setting
  4. If a hospital has inefficient staff members, what consequences are likely to be faced by the management team
  5. Ways at which you can boost the motivation of your staff in a hospital setting to ensure maximum output

Dissertation topics in healthcare management that are leadership-based

Healthcare management is all about leadership; hence here are some exciting topics that are leadership based:

  1. Functions of a management system in a hospital or healthcare setting
  2. The role played by human resource management in a hospital
  3. Methods implemented to boost staff relations in hospitals
  4. Why financial and accounting reports are crucial in a hospital
  5. The management principles applied by healthcare professionals
  6. Private versus public hospitals

PhD in health management dissertation paper on the administration of a hospital

  1. Should nurses in a hospital be allowed to engage in a relationship with doctors whom they are working with in the same facility?
  2. The most effective recovering procedure that’s reliable, affordable, and efficient.
  3. How can switching or changing the entire hospital staff affect its operation

A good healthcare management topic for dissertation papers that is trending

  1. Telemedicine and how it has changed the healthcare administration


PhD health management dissertations are not an easy feat to accomplish. When mishandled, they could set you up for a pretty bad start in the job market. However, a good dissertation in this sector might boost your chances of attaining a great job afterward. We hence hope that this article has helped you find the perfect dissertation topic to jumpstart your career.

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