Total Guide on How to Write Your Undergraduate Dissertation

Writing an undergraduate dissertation can be pretty challenging or easy to tackle. It all circles back to the topic you chose, the method you used to research, the structure you implemented, and so on. If you miss any of the necessary steps that lead up to a perfect dissertation. Then the whole process becomes pretty tedious. But what is the correct method to implement to attain a great undergraduate dissertation? What structure should you implement? If you have such questions running through your head, you need not to worry because we have got you. We have developed a great guide to help you generate an impressive dissertation without breaking a sweat through significant research. Hence without further ado, let us dive right into it.

What is undergraduate?

Undergraduate defines a campus student who is yet to graduate.

How to choose a dissertation topic for undergraduate

Dissertations require planning, and every plan has a beginning. Selecting a topic act as the beginning of your dissertation for undergraduate dissertations. So how do you choose the perfect topic for your dissertation? Well, all you have to do is follow the following steps:

  1. Ensure that you pick an interesting topic, one that you are eager and passionate to undertake. If you choose a boring topic, the net result might not be excellent.
  2. The topic should not be broad, try and focus on the points you are good at. You can also pick a broad topic, but you will have to narrow it down to attain a topic that is easy to work on.

Here are some undergraduate dissertation topic examples to act as a lead:

  1. A solution to the hesitancy of vaccines
  2. Hospice palliative

You can always search online to find undergraduate dissertation examples then read through them before coming up with your topic.

Now that we have that out of the way, let us look at how you can work on your dissertation:

How to write an undergraduate dissertation

To start working on your dissertation, you will want to first generate a research question. The research question simply guides you as you research for your dissertation, ensuring that you don’t stray out of the topic.

To develop a research question, all you have to do is:

  1. Narrow down your topic further through preliminary research to attain an issue that you would wish to discuss in your dissertation
  2. Identify a gap in the existing research, then try to fill in this gap via practical and theoretical research
  3. Formulate one or multiple questions

Undergraduate dissertation structure

With the research question in place, you can easily research and gain information to use in your dissertation. However, this information must be written in a structured form; here is the structure to implement in an undergraduate dissertation paper.

Title page

The title page is usually the first document in your dissertation. It entails the following information:

  • Your name
  • The dissertations title
  • Institution
  • Degree program
  • Submission date
  • May include the student’s registration number


The acknowledgment portion is optional. It is used to thank every person who helped you generate your dissertation. Might include:

  • Family and friends who helped you out
  • Your supervisor
  • People who participated in your research


It contains a summary of your dissertation; it is about 150 to 290 words long. State clearly:

  1. What you aimed to achieve via your research
  2. The methods implemented
  3. The main results
  4. Your conclusion

Table of content

The table of content portion provides a structured overview to the reader to ease navigation through the document.

Tables and list of figures

If you have implemented many figures and tables, you should itemize them into a list.

Abbreviation list

If you have implemented multiple abbreviations, then you should create an alphabetized list of abbreviations.


Highly specialized terms are listed in this portion


In this portion, you should bring out the purpose of your dissertation paper. Give your reader a hint of what you have covered in your paper.

Theoretical framework/Literature review

In this section, you should develop a pretty coherent structure plus an argument that leads up to a justification of your research.


Describes how you undertook your research. It allows readers to assess the validity of your argument.


In this portion, you simply report the results of the research that you undertook.


The discussion part features the exploration of the implications and meaning of your research results in relation to the research question.


You should provide your concise answer in this portion

Reference list

Includes full details of every source that you cited in your dissertation.


Documents implemented in your paper that do not fall under the main body category are added to this portion.

Undergraduate dissertation word count

Undergraduate dissertations are usually 10,000 – 12,000 words long.


Writing an undergraduate dissertation is not an easy feat. However, you get less stress with proper guidance while undertaking the task. We hope that this article has helped you out.

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